CGA Vault

The Common Ground Alliance, CGA, VAULT is an online damage prevention technology information source that serves as a tool to easily locate and review technologies by technology category, CGA best practice, related root causes, and stakeholder group.

VAULT is used to find technologies that help reduce damage to underground utility facilities. VAULT provides practical information about each technology type (locating and detection, encroachment monitoring, excavation, etc.) such as equipment capability, company representative and contact information. It serves as a useful reference source to stakeholders and contains an overview of the different technologies with general operating principles. It is designed to:

  • Provide a comprehensive and easy to use cross referenced directory of technologies,
  • Associate specific technology solutions to applicable Best Practices,
  • Identify the major CGA stakeholders who might use each technology solution, and
  • Associate specific technology solutions to applicable Root Causes in the DIRT report.


Technology Spotlight

The spotlight technology is from a company called we-do-IT and presented to the technology committee by Andy Lund. we-do-IT is a global GIS technology company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1994. we-do-IT offers a variety of utility/GIS-related products and services, including consulting, personnel in-sourcing (AU), data conversion services, landbase conflation, and software. we-do-IT has been providing conflation software and services for over a decade in the US. Recently, the company developed LatLonGO, software designed to get (any) GIS into the field (anywhere – connected or not) on (any) tablet. Check out LatLonGO on the Technology Spotlight Page